Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server

Specifications for Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server

  • CPU: Sun UltraSPARC T2 Plus
  • Standard Memory: 8GB (Removable)
  • Maximum Memory: 128GB or 256GB with optional Memory Mezzanine Kit
  • System Class: Server
  • Expansion: 16 Sockets (2 banks of 8) and 16 Sockets (1 bank of 16) optional Memory Mezzanine Kit
  • Memory Comments:
    • All installed DIMM’s must be of the same capacity. When using the optional Memory Mezzanine Kit, all 16 DIMM sockets must be populated.
    • ONLY Configurations of 8, 16, or 32 DIMM’s are supported.
    • With System Firmware 7.1.6.d or higher, either 1.8V FB-DIMMs or low voltage (LV) 1.5V FB-DIMMs are supported.
    • All FB-DIMMs must be the same voltage.
    • Axiom no longer supports low voltage FBDIMMs for this model.
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