HP-Compaq ProLiant BL460c Server Blade

Specifications for HP-Compaq ProLiant BL460c Server Blade

  • CPU: Intel Xeon 5000P
  • Standard Memory: 512MB (Removable)
  • Maximum Memory: 64GB
  • System Class: Server
  • Expansion: 8 Sockets (4 Banks of 2)
  • Memory Comments:

    Mfgr’s System P/N’s: 404664-B21, 416653-B21, 416654-B21, 416655-B21, 416656-B21, 435458-B21, 435459-B21, 447707-B21, 459483-B21
    - MODULES MUST BE ORDERED AND INSTALLED IN PAIRS for memory interleaving or Dual Channel mode.
    - Maximum configurations require a 64-bit operating system.
    - First DIMM may be populated singularly, additional memory must be populated in pairs.
    - Axiom’s Low Power (LP) memory kits consume less power to help reduce overall system energy costs.
    Per HP:
    - Systems with a 1333MHz FSB will run the DIMM modules at 667MHz.
    - Systems with a 1066MHz FSB will run the DIMM modules at 533MHz

    NOTE: 64GB of memory is supported with 80W processors and below. 64GB of memory is Not supported with 120W processors.
    NOTE: Up to three 16 GB (2 × 8 GB) memory option kits or 48 GB of memory is supported with 120W processors.

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