Dell PowerEdge R900

Specifications for Dell PowerEdge R900

  • CPU: Intel Xeon
  • Standard Memory: 8GB (Removable)
  • Maximum Memory: 256GB
  • System Class: Server
  • Expansion: 8 Sockets Per Memory Riser, 32 Sockets Total
  • Memory Comments:

    Memory sparing and memory mirroring require eight modules (four kits of two) of the same type and capacity per Memory Riser.

    Axiom’s Fully-Buffered DDR2 memory kits support SDDC (Single Device Data Correction) error detection and correction.

    Per Dell, for proper cooling, each Memory Riser must be fully populated.

    This server is configurable with five 3.5-inch hard drives, or eight 2.5-inch hard drives

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