Axiom Networking Products


The foundation of your IT infrastructure is reliability, stability, and performance. Your goal is to attain and maintain the IT Investment while strategically allocating your resources and budget. Ever-increasing computing demands - do more with less, can strain deliverables for your business needs.

Axiom maximizes your IT resources by providing high-quality and reliable IT products at significant cost savings. Our comprehensive line of fiber-optic transceivers, memory, and Flash products, combine affordable solutions with guaranteed performance. Ensuring your success and protecting your investment, Axiom products will not void any OEM warranty or any service agreement. Our lifetime product replacement warranty on all memory and transceiver products, and our industry leading 5-year warranty on our Flash products provide cost savings without compromise.


  • Quality - Use of tier-one components and stringent manufacturing guidelines – High quality ensures long-term reliability in mission critical applications.
  • Consistency & Compatibility - Manufactured to OEM specifications to ensure proper function and 100% compatibility.
  • Serialization - Individual unique serial numbers on each product for important switch recognition and inventory tracking.
  • Warranty - Axiom GBIC’s offer a lifetime product replacement and will not void your original manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Protects current IT investment and extends existing application's lifecycle
  • Provides for scalable and flexible networking, server computing, and storage connectivity based on your unique and customized needs
  • Supports and maintains the most demanding service level requirements to provide the ultimate peace of mind and solution confidence
  • Provides significantly lower acquisition cost compared to OEM equivalent

The truth about Axiom products and a manufacturer’s warranty.

It is commonly believed and there have been reported incidents where networking, storage, and computer system manufacturers, have informed customers that if third-party products or upgrades are being used in the system manufacturer's hardware application, the warranty for that system would be voided. The truth is, no third-party product voids the original system warranty, and in addition to anti-trust laws, it violates the Magnuson-Moss Act to coerce any consumer with this tactic. Regardless if the pressure or coercion is directed through a distributor or reseller, any tie-in provision that forces the consumer to purchase a manufacturer's own equipment or brand, whether the consumer didn't want to buy the product at all, or preferred to purchase the product elsewhere under different terms, U.S. laws are being violated.

The Federal Trade Commission's Magnuson-Moss Act protects consumers from the restriction that only the OEM products or services can be purchased or used in order to keep their warranty valid.

Please feel free to contact Axiom or your dedicated Axiom Representative at 888-658-3326 with any questions on our products and our product services and support.

More information about the Magnuson-Moss Act: Bureau of Consumer Protection

What does this mean to you? You cannot be required to add the Manufacturer's memory, hard drive, or other OEM branded upgrade or accessory to maintain the warranty on the system. Also, the OEM Manufacturer cannot state that the system warranty is void if other brands (third-party) are used.

For example: If you purchased a Proliant ML 370 Server and chose to install Axiom memory, or any third-party manufacturer memory for that matter, HP cannot void the warranty or refuse to provide service on your computer.

You can also visit the manufacturer’s website for more info: